Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's been a while but I finally found the battery charger for my camera so I have some updates to do. First of is something brand new from today, a Night Goblin Mordheim warband! The rules aren't official but they seen pretty balanced. If anyone has complaints I can change them up or alter the rules a bit so they aren't over powered. Most of the units are straight from the original Orcs and Goblins warband. The big change is adding goblin heros and the fanatics which I'm not using yet. The fanatics require a constant upkeep which could cripple me in the early game and they don't gain experience so I can't really justify it to start. They're also a bit on the expensive side so I think I'll leave them for later in development of the warband. Anyways, here are pictures:

Group shot of the whole warband, sans squigs. Close ups follow

A close up of the two main heros, a goblin shaman and a big boss. I think these two models look really cool.

The mob of lesser heros, for now anyways. Their weaponry ranges from clubs and daggers to squig probbers, the three pronged thing on the left

A couple of head bashing goblins, though they probably wont reach heads...maybe knee bashing?

The back row and artillery support for my warband, a trio of short bow goblins.

I also put together a few models that I thought would be cool and I might use later on, in this case a troll and two fanatics

Having not actually played any Mordheim yet I'm not sure how they'll fair but I've gotten the basics down I think. Take as many heros as you can as they're your income. Try to make sure they have some ranged as well as melee so they can always be doing something in combat, that lucky shot might net them some experience. Try and have a multiple of four plus one. It may not seem like I did that last one but with the five squigs I included but don't have models for yet, that puts me at 17 which makes it necessary to take out a hefty 5 models to force a rout test for me. Following all of that I managed, some how, to make a list which takes up all of the starting 500 gold coins and follows all of the basic rules for starting a new warband.

There are a number of other updates which I will be posting over the coming days. I have gotten more for my ogres as well as having a plan and magnetizing my empire. My Necromunda gangs and models have slowly been increasing in number as well. Progress has been slow for a while but I seem to be picking back up again. Omega-3 Fatty Acids apparently help with ADD, who would have thought...

Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi, my names Ben and I'm an army-aholic.

I started *another* fantasy army, this time Ogres. I guess I just haven't found the right army for me yet. Here's some pictures of them so far:
First off is the Bruiser which is my army general. He's a slightly modified Irongun, you'll see later in the pictures.

That's a butcher, converted up from one of the ogre bodies. I'm quite happy with how he turned out.

Last is the full army shot. You can see on the left the Ironguts which are the basis for my Bruiser.

This was not so bad since it's 1000pts straight from the battalion box. There's a lot of little nobblars left to put together but there will eventually be a 20 block of them as fighters as well as a squad of 8 trappers. The nobblars add the much needed unit strength to the ogre army. We'll see if I manage to use them well. This is going to be a very finicky army but I'm looking forward to it because they seem very interesting.

The Butchers is an interesting spell caster. The magic is pulled from the ogre god, the great maw. All of the spells cast on a 3+ which means they usually only need 1 dice. They get harder to cast if there are more butchers trying to cast though so a second casting of any spell takes a 6+, a third would take a 9+, and so on.

The Bulls, on the right, have an interesting weapon which can be used as either an extra hand weapon or a shield, depending on what you choose. It only costs 1pt more per model than a simple extra hand weapon so I opted for it though I'm not sure what use it will end up being.

The Leadbelchers, at the back on the left, are also going to be interesting to fight with. They're the only ogres with shooting and they do put out a lot of shots, an artillery dice each, but they then have to reload by standing still for a whole turn which is a big sacrifice. They can however use their cannons as clubs at any points so it's not like they become useless.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Necromunda Figures

I've been slowly building up my gang in Necromunda as the game advances. I really enjoy the RPG aspect of it with each of the members advancing in their own unique way. I started out modifying each of the figures as advancements came along but I soon realized that was no a great idea as it took a lot of work and would reduce the re-usability of the models should the character die. Instead, I am now creating new models for every situation. Anyways, here they are:

The guy who looks out of place on the right is a Ratskin scout, a hired gun, who I'm planning on using. He adds the possibility of getting a new territory after each game I win. This could be quite lucrative once I get more guys and it would allow me to actually sustain a larger gang. There are three juvies in the back with pistols and knives, two of them with las pistols and the last with an auto-pistol. The outside back figures have lasguns with the one on the right having a scope attached. There's another lasgunner in the middle left who has a medic pack from the modifications early on. The rest of that row consists of a gunfighter with two pistols, a plasma gun which is currently one in a million (i.e. no ammo rolls), and a shotgunner who, in the current gang, has rapid fire for the shotgun and marksman which gives him a 27" range. The last two in the front row are the leader with a chainsword and plasma pistol and a heavy with my version of a heavy stubber who I don't actually use right now as he was captured and sold into slaver after my third game.

The little white lines on the bases that you can see in the front are to determine facing. This is important for a number of things including overwatch. A unit on overwatch can fire at anything that moves within a 90 degree arc. This is one of the more advanced aspects of the rules we're hoping to get started in the game now that we have the basic mechanics down. I've also ordered some interesting terrain from here which should spice up the game a bit more.

The GW manager at my store and myself tend to be overpowering other people playing so I'm thinking of starting over with my gang. This won't be hard since the numbers of my figures has been increasing and has a good variety to it. I will probably keep the current sheet for The Jau, my gang, to play against him and later on against other in the store, once they improve their gangs a bit. Most of the other players barely even have their figures much less any painting done so I feel fine re-using the figures I have made.